• Dec 23

    Build a Storage Bed with Choice Furniture

    Have you decided to Marie Kondo your bedroom space? Finally decided to get a storage bed to categories your belongings neatly? Our storage beds are the best option for you to stow your items away quaintly and quickly.

  • Nov 13

    Colours & Upholstery for our Storage Beds

    Our storage beds are well-loved for its customisability. You are able to pick from a spectrum of colours alongside 4 different textiles to create your dream custom made storage bed.

  • Oct 06

    Not all Mattresses are Created Equal

    Take a quick look through the internet, and you can find mattresses of various sizes, and prices. The online options run the gamut from cheap spring mattresses priced for less than $100 on Shopee to premium latex beds that retails for even ten of thousands of dollars for popular brands.

  • Sep 15

    How to Choose the Right Mattress

    Looking forward to a good night’s sleep is perhaps one of the top priorities of urbanites whose lifestyle is fast and hectic. Settling down at night with the family after a nice meal is truly enjoyable but do you know how to choose the right mattress?

  • Sep 10

    5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Mattress

    Is firm or hard necessarily good for every body? And are you enjoying a nightly good sleep on a suitable mattress, whether you are a side or stomach sleeper?

  • Aug 15

    Furniture 101: Selecting the Right Style for Your New BTO

    Home-owners: we get it. Amidst all the complications & industry jargon regarding BTO’s and homeownership, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed—for the experienced & the fresh alike.

  • Jul 07

    8 Hottest Scandivanian Chairs to get for your Interior Space

    It can be frustrating when it comes to planning a concept for your new home. We present to you the 8 hottest Scandinavian chairs to display in your interior that will definitely impress your guests!

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