Home Diaries: A Tour into an All Pink Interior
June 28, 2022

Home Diaries: A Tour into an All Pink Interior

Follow us as we tour inside an all pink home filled with opulent furniture, from the Sofia Chesterfield Sofa to to Audi Dining Table to Elizabeth Chairs.

Sofia L-Shaped Sofa with Clariee Coffee Table

Having furniture you love is essential in creating your cosy ideal home. It’ll be one of the best investments you make. A house is not only a place to work, but also a place of rest after a long and tiring day. That’s why finding the perfect furniture is vital in creating your exquisite home. 


Often, finding the right furniture that checks all the boxes can be difficult. Allow us to help. 


Choice Furniture is a furniture store that sells high-quality luxury bespoke furniture that allows all customers to make any alterations they deem fit in order to produce unique, site-specific designs that suit numerous requirements set by the clients.  


Why Bespoke Furniture? 


There’s nothing worse than investing time and money to find the most appropriate furniture, only to realise that it doesn’t fit your storage needs. This is why bespoke furniture is the way to go. 


We recognise this struggle and we present you with a solution: Bespoke furniture.  


With bespoke furniture, they are made, designed and manufactured down to the detailed specifications. Every piece expresses a unique individuality while perfectly integrating into your interior. 

Audi Dining Table

Choice Furniture provides a variety of products – on one hand, the monochromatic minimalistic Audi Dining Table captures the dichotomy between elegance and functionality. On the other hand, there’s the curvaceous silhouette Elizabeth Dining Chairs that portrays a homely aura reminiscent of the Victorian Era with a subtlety of class.


You never need to compromise on store-bought products, worry about budget, or be restricted by the limited choices available in the market. Here’s why. 



3 Features of Bespoke Furniture 

Audi Dining Table with Elizabeth Chairs

1. Tailored To Your Specific Storage Needs


One of the biggest struggles during the buying process is finding a piece of furniture that fits the specific dimensions of your dream house.


The furniture of your choice would fit the precise dimensions of your home, allowing you to maximise space for daily lifestyle and one’s specific storage needs. 


2. Designed Around Your Budget 


In many cases, customers find a piece of furniture that they love but are unable to afford it due to their budget. 


With custom-made furniture, you’re given complete control over the style, size, material, and upholstery of the furniture. Every piece of furniture would be planned around the budget you set. 



3. Fitted Towards Your Personality    


Often, store-bought furniture consists of limited choices and basic colours that you may not like. As such, your choices are limited by the choices available in the market. 


Thankfully, bespoke furniture is diverse in innovation and creativity, while adding a hint of one’s personality and lifestyle into each piece of furniture. 


As a result, your exquisite home will be filled with different pieces of furniture that

perfectly complements each other while being full of originality. Your home would not only be a residence but a one of a kind masterpiece as well. 



These are the very features that convinced Norrah and Rizwan to get bespoke furniture for their impeccable house. Let’s hear from them as they give us a personal house tour. 




House Tour with Norrah and Rizwan 

Importance Of Personalisation  


During the house tour, Norrah and Rizwan explained how they decorated their whole house in pink, filled with opulent Victorian style furniture due to Norrah’s love for the colour pink. From the customised light pink marble Clariee Coffee Table, to the pink L-shaped Sofia Chesterfield Sofa to complement their home theme.  


Their house is a place of peace, relaxation, and family bonding.  

Sofia L-Shaped Sofa

“I would sit on the sofa and relax while looking out at the view, especially when I’m bored. My daughter also loves this (L-Shaped) area as she would take the microphone, tell me to on the karaoke, and sing for hours”

– Norrah 


Struggles In Finding the Ideal Furniture 


Finding the right design and colour was essential to creating their flawless house. However, due to the limited range for store-bought furniture, it was a struggle to find furniture that was to their liking. 


 “I found it really hard to find Victorian style furniture that was in light pink as most furniture stores only had basic colours like white and black. When I asked Choice Furniture, they helped me customise everything into the pink Victorian style that I wanted” 

– Norrah 



Just like how Norrah and Rizwan struggled finding the ideal furniture for their sublime home, there are many other cases in which people have trouble finding the perfect furniture in store-bought products. Luckily, bespoke furniture offers the solution to these problems. 










Final Thoughts on Bespoke Furniture 


With customisation made available, there is no need to compromise on your storage needs, budget or design any longer. 


To help manage your purse strings, we now provide interest-free instalment plans via Hoolah, Atome, and FavePay. Purchase your bespoke furniture at affordable rates each month with free delivery and assembly! What are you waiting for? Select your ideal bespoke furniture with Choice Furniture today! 

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