Ki Bed in bedroom
December 23, 2021

Build a Storage Bed with Choice Furniture

Have you decided to Marie Kondo your bedroom space? Finally decided to get a storage bed to categories your belongings neatly? Our storage beds are the best option for you to stow your items away quaintly and quickly.

Come to build a bed with us and simply follow these 5 simple steps to build a bed.

1. Choose your size

We carry 4 sizes: Single, super single, queen, and king beds. Most of our storage beds are made in queen or king sizes.

Note: Remember to measure the size of your bedroom before dropping by our showroom as we are able to advise which size is the best for you to get!

2. Choose your design

Our best seller storage bed designs are Ki bed, Pi bed, Mi bed and Bi bed. Each bed is well-loved for its subtle and sophisticated aesthetics. The beds are crafted using soft curves and there is attention to every detail to express timelessness without compromising on comfort. To view our range of storage beds, click here.

3. Choose your storage compartments


Storage Galore - Choose from 4 different storage compartments
1. Full storage
2. Divider
3. Half drawers, half storage
4. 4 drawers

Neatly categorise and stow away all your items under your bed. Each storage solution serves a purpose for the bedroom and homeowner.

4. Choose your colours & finishings

Our storage beds are well-loved for their customisability. You are able to pick from a spectrum of colours alongside 4 different textiles to create your dream custom-made storage bed.

Choice Furniture carries 4 material options for custom-made storage beds.

Leather - Luxurious, plush, easy to clean
Fabric - Comfortable, strong, breathable,
Velvet (Glossy) - Classy, lustrous, elegant
Velvet (Matte) - Subtle, soft to touch, discreet

Color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting or screen settings.

5. Choose buttons or jewels


Lastly, you can choose to encrust jewels for that extra bling or opt for a simple buttoned headboard for your custom-made storage bed.

Come build a bed with us!

In Choice Furniture, we strive to provide the best service for our customers. Our storage beds are well-loved by many Singaporeans because every bed comes with a smooth switch lock mechanism for easy opening and closing. The height of the storage bed can be custom made too. All with free delivery and assembly!

Oh yes, did we mention you get a free bed frame for every Makedon Mattress purchased? Ready to shop with us? Check out our storage beds and contact us today for a no-obligation quotation.

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