Colours & Upholstery for our Storage Beds
November 22, 2021

Colours & Upholstery for our Storage Beds

Our storage beds are well-loved for its customisability. You are able to pick from a spectrum of colours alongside 4 different textiles to create your dream custom made storage bed.

Choice Furniture carries 4 material options for custom made storage beds.

Brand name: OLEO, flori, Infab, Mattel (Left to right)

Leather - Luxurious, plush, easy to clean

Fabric - Comfortable, strong, breathable,

Velvet (Glossy) - Classy, lustrous, elegant

Velvet (Matte) - Subtle, soft to touch, discreet


Color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting or screen settings.



Leather (OLEO)




Fabric (flori)



Glossy Velvet (Infab)




Matte Velvet (Mattel)

Note: Color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting or screen settings


Individuality Matters

The wide spectrum of colours and finishings guarantees that your custom made storage bed is if not the only one in Singapore. With 296 available combinations, you will be spoilt for choice.


Premium Textiles

All textiles we carry are exceptionally high in quality and well-loved by many. The materials are carefully picked from specific reputable suppliers after many years of research and sourcing. You can rest assured that no matter which textile you choose, it will withstand the test of time.


How do I know which colour & upholstery is the best for me?


It all depends on your lifestyle, personality, room decor arrangement and what you want to come home to.



We usually recommend starting with picking your favourite colour. Visualise if it fits the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. If it doesn’t match the colour palette of your room, consider getting colours of a neutral tone such as grey or brown. (P.S flori fabric in dark grey is one of our most popular colours!)

Ki Bed in flori, dark grey; Image by Sarah Aqilah

It will be easier to blend and match with other furniture and walls in the room. Alternatively, do you want your bed to be the statement piece of your room? If so, consider getting colours that contrast dramatically.

Mi Bed in Infab, red; Image by customer

This usually works for bright and unique colours such as red or purple. View our customers’ reviews of our furniture in their homes here.



When it comes to choosing upholstery, think of who and what will be in the room most of the time. Do you have pets? Leather is the most pet-friendly material. Does your room have other furniture with the same material? We usually recommend picking upholstery of the same finishings. Different material fits different sleepers depending on their lifestyle.

Which should you choose?

Ultimately, we recommend picking the colour and upholstery that feels natural to you and makes you feel good when you return home. Our bedding experts in the showroom are more than happy to show you the colours and materials in person. Our bestseller custom made storage beds include Ki Bed, Mi Bed, Pi Bed, Bi Bed. To learn more about the designs available for our storage beds, click here.


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