Furniture 101: Selecting the Right Style for Your New BTO
February 23, 2022

Furniture 101: Selecting the Right Style for Your New BTO

Home-owners: we get it. Amidst all the complications & industry jargon regarding BTO’s and homeownership, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed—for the experienced & the fresh alike.

Add to the mix the myriad of possibilities that arise when you Google “Interior Design Styles”, finding the right mix of individuality and tradition and comfort.... and you get the picture. Recognising this prevalent issue, we here at Choice Furniture wants to simplify the style identification process for the no-frills modern millennial-focused on our suggestions that combine the best of tradition with the allure of innovative trends, to make your home stand out from the pack.


Industrial Chic

Photo by Choice Furniture (Seen in customer's house)

The Industrial Chic (or Urban Industrial) style has emerged from the recesses of the once-privileged into the ethos of the modern millennial. With a heavy emphasis on neutral colours, focusing on grey, black and dark brown tones, the Industrial Chic style is built for the urban dweller that wants to capture the essence of a rustic lifestyle, hinging on eco-friendly & sustainable ideals that promote the natural marriage between elements & aesthetic.

Bonus Tip: Prioritise utilising the natural elements of steel & metal in your space and pairing them together with unfinished or natural slabs of wood, to achieve that perfect balance between rustic and urban.

Photo by Choice Furniture (Seen in customer's house)

Easily one of the most popular movements to arise from the annals of modern interior design, the Scandinavian Style of home-living emphasises two key principles: functionality & comfort. Leveraging on the cultural phenomenon of hygge, Scandinavian interiors evoke a strong sense of coziness that is birthed from prioritising simplicity in all of its choices. With its distinctive usage of light white-grey or blue tones, combined with subtlety in the choice of organic shapes, you’re sure to be put in a relaxed mood as you step into your safe space—transporting the homeliness of Stockholm right into the comfort of your home.

Bonus Tip: Bring a sense of individuality by utilising stronger colours from paintings, objects, or textures from carpets/rugs to add a punch to your Scandic desires.

Art Deco

Photo by Choice Furniture (Seen in customer's house)

So maybe you’re not the biggest fan of simplicity and toned-down styles. In fact, you find yourself attracted to the opulence and grandeur of home living à la Gatsby.

In that case, let us bring you back to the wining & dining lifestyle of the 1920s with the Art Deco Movement. Distinctively combining the elements of elegance and sleekness, the emphasis of Art Deco home-living rests on the laurels of the glamorous. From classic chandeliers to the use of custom-built, bright & bold chairs, the Art Deco style of home living is perfect for the Old Soul: bringing a sense of long-lost magnificence that disrupts the simple trends of the present.

Bonus Tip: Including memorabilia from yesteryear—anything from vinyl records to classical instruments—can give the environment of regalia a more interactive and relatable ambiance.


Japanese Minimalism

Photo by Choice Furniture (Seen in customer's house)


For those looking for a more Asian-inspired influence, look no further than our friends from the East! With recent worldwide trends sparking from Marie Kondo & the long-standing principles of Asian Zen, Japanese Minimalism has seen a sharp increase in adoption across various homes, even here in Singapore!

The quintessence of Japanese Minimalism is focused on simplistic layering and enjoying every piece of furniture you own; there should be a story, purpose, or pride in each piece that evokes a sense of joy or rest. Naturally, in today’s fast-paced and anxiety-inducing world, these principles of Japanese Zen are becoming more attractive and are increasingly seen as popular fixtures in various homes: through the usage of undemanding colours, focus on natural light & clean, symmetrical & sharp lines (most prominently seen in pieces such as tables & shelves).

Bonus Tip: To have a greater sense of Japanese Minimalism, try practicing the ideals of less is more—by focusing on grouping similar objects & products together & by opting for multi-functional furniture pieces that incorporate storage with aesthetic visuals.

Photo by Choice Furniture (Seen in customer's house)

Ultimately, we hope this article eases the journey & process of interior design for homeowners, both new and old—and we haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Looking to include even more convenience into this journey? We here at Choice Furniture have got you covered. As Singapore’s 1-stop shop for all shapes & sizes of furniture, we’re happy to help you find the pieces of inspiration you’re looking for as we prioritise the ideals of quality, aesthetics & comfort for each & every buyer. What are you waiting for? Drop by our furniture showroom (in the west) or continue browsing through our furniture catalog online since you’re here—we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye!

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