Home Diaries: A Tour Into A Victorian Grey and White Interior
July 05, 2022

Home Diaries: A Tour Into A Victorian Grey and White Interior

Follow us as we tour inside a two-story Victorian grey and white home featuring our bestseller Elizabeth Chairs, Graham Sofa and space-saving Ni Storage Bed. 

Make your interior design dreams into reality with our customised furniture – From grandiose chesterfield sofa to luxurious dining set.

Often, many homeowners have likely experienced that feeling of exasperation upon heading home empty-handed after a long day of furniture shopping. Regardless of the multitude of options in the furniture store, they’re unable to find one that fits their specific requirements 


Allow us to help. 


Customised furniture is the best way to meet your interior décor preferences and avoid scouring retailers for the perfect piece of furnishing that complements your interior and your vision.  



What Makes Bespoke Furniture So Desirable? 


There’s no denying that everyone has a different idea of their ideal home. These ideas may clash with the designs presented in the form of mass-produced furniture. 

Overview of a Victorian Grey and White Interior

This is when you need to opt for bespoke furniture. With bespoke furniture, you can create a piece that’s perfectly tailored to your style - from the warm, rustic, homely kitchens to handmade bedrooms that radicate sophistication and class. 


At Choice Furniture, we provide a diversity of bespoke furniture – from the timeless Elizabeth Dining Chairs that express the subtlety of royalty while oozing with regalia, to the Makedon Westin Mattress that provides ultimate orthopaedic support to ensure proper spine alignment. 


However, it is vital to consider these few critical factors before buying your dream furniture. 



Key Considerations When Investing In Bespoke Furniture 

1. Size and Dimensions 

When buying your ideal furniture, it is essential to determine the appropriate size and dimensions which you want the furniture to entail. By doing so, the piece would be tailor-fit to a specific space in your home. 

Graham Chesterfield Sofa, Armchair and Custom Made Coffee Table

As such, you can display all your gorgeous pieces – from the stunning plush yet slim Graham Chesterfield Sofa, to the elegant Carina TV Console, to the classic Victorian-style Graham Bench that portrays both elegance and grace.  


This is especially important when you have an extraordinarily large room, fairly cramped quarters or unusually-shaped rooms that require a custom piece to fit the unique storage needs. 

2. Style and Optimal Function   

Moreover, in many situations, people are unable to find pieces of furniture that complement the theme of their ideal home. Hence, they have no other choice but to compromise on industrially produced furniture.

Custom Made Pearl Dining Table and Elizabeth Chairs

Thankfully, bespoke furniture gives you unlimited options to customise one-of-a-kind furniture that has the perfect dichotomy between functionality while achieving the aesthetically pleasing look that makes a statement. 


Thus, it’s vital to consider the furniture style of choice while thinking about the feasibility of such designs to optimise the furniture’s functions. 


3. Materials and Fabrics 

In many cases, cheap mass-produced furniture is susceptible to warping and bending due to the use of lower-quality materials (e.g. MDF and plywood with paper laminates). 


Fortunately, you’re given the liberty to choose the fabric, materials, decorative treatments, and upholstery techniques with bespoke furniture. Thus, it is essential to consider the durability, comfort, and quality of the materials. 


By selecting durable materials, it minimises the opportunities of wear and tear, allowing the furniture to last longer and hand them down for generations. 


After much consideration, Norah decided to go with bespoke furniture for her new house. Let’s hear from Norah as she gives us a personal tour. 

House Tour with Norah


Importance Of Furniture Customisation 


During the house tour, Norah expressed how she wanted to paint her house with the primary colours of white and grey while having a modern Victorian concept. It was filled with bespoke furniture (including the Custom Dining Table and the Carmen Coffee Table). 


Norah emphasised her need for customisation. 

Custom Made Pearl Dining Table and Elizabeth Chairs

“I always wanted to keep it simple. Our renovations were kept to a minimum while we spent more on accessories, such as our dining table and sofa, to enhance the overall aesthetic and give a luxurious look to our house.” 

– Norah 


She found it essential that her house was not only a place of work but a place in which her family could come together and bond. 

Carrie TV Console

“The living room is a private space for my family and me. A place where we can eat together, rest, watch television, and spend time with one another” 

– Norah 


Additional Storage Space with Ni Storage Bed

Ni Storage Bed

Furthermore, people have trouble finding sufficient space to fit things that they had previously bought. Norrah struggled with this issue too. Fortunately, she found a solution to this: The Ni Storage Bed. 


The modern, smooth, and classy bespoke furniture is made of versatile fabrics from luxurious leather to butter-soft velvet, accompanied by a smooth hydraulic mechanism that’s ideal for easy opening and closing. 


“I feel that it’s important to have a storage bed because it allows you to be able to keep all sorts of things. Ranging from bed sheets and comforters to old luggage that I struggled to find space to store” 

– Norah 

Just as Norah struggled to find furniture that fits her requirements, there are others making the same mistake when choosing ready-made products. It’s time to buy bespoke furniture. 

Final Thoughts On Bespoke Furniture 


Upon purchasing custom-made furniture, it requires a good amount of discussion and time to consider the size, style, materials and feasibility of your ideal furniture. 


At Choice Furniture, we make your dream a reality by providing quality bespoke furniture that encapsulates exceptional form and detail. We aim to deliver a distinctive and irreplaceable piece for all our clients.  


Did you know that we also provide instalment plans via Hoolah, Atome, and FavePay? Purchase your bespoke furniture at affordable rates with free delivery and assembly. Select your ideal bespoke furniture with Choice Furniture today! 

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