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September 30, 2021

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep is perhaps one of the top priorities of urbanites whose lifestyle is fast and hectic.

Settling down at night with the family after a nice meal is truly enjoyable but do you know how to choose the right mattress? With so many different brands in the market, here are some easy pointers on how to choose the perfect mattress that will ensure a memorable trip to dreamland every night.


Does it give enough support?

Makedon mattress layers

Makedon Mattress Inner Layers

Think about this, you will be sleeping on the mattress for at least eight hours every night so it pays to devote more attention to the kind of support that the mattress offers. If you like a little bounce, you might consider one that has built-in coils. These coils provide the buoyancy that you always experience when testing mattresses at furniture stores. They can vary in buoyancy depending on how firm or compressible they are. If you're looking for firmer support, then you might consider memory foam mattresses, which ‘remember' your body shape and weight. They are also not as ‘springy' and thus provide better support.


Do you sleep solo?

It's easy to regulate one's sleeping habits if there is no partner beside you. However, if you share the mattress with another person, you need to take into consideration that any slight movement such as tossing and turning from either side could be disturbing. In this case, go for mattresses that are manufactured with different types and layers of coil that could help to reduce motion. For example, some feature motion isolation technology to adapt to each person's movement.


Are you sensitive to dust mites?

There are many dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye and they reside in the mattress that we sleep on. Consequently, it is important to frequently clean the mattress, especially for individuals who are particularly allergic to dust mites. But fret not; there are options in the market specially targeted at the hygiene-conscious. Some mattresses are manufactured with anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties allowing them to stay relatively clean for a longer period of time. And that's certainly good news for people with a sensitive nose or skin!


Introducing Makedon mattress

Makedon premium pocket spring system


Choice Furniture offers a stunning range of carefully-selected Makedon mattresses that will turn every night's sleep into one you will truly relish. The Makedon mattress series is one of our bestsellers and features five distinctive models, notably Cool Touch, 3D, Westin, Berlin, and Raintree Mattress

Cool Touch Mattress

All five come with their unique features such as anti-bacterial properties, self-regulating temperature function, motion isolation technology, 15-year warranty and so many more! At Choice Furniture, our dedicated staff is always available to guide you further in making the perfect selection when it comes to ensuring a good rest at night. Our Makedon mattresses also undergo rigorous quality control to maintain the high standard that has always been associated with our brand. Swing by our showroom today and take your pick; a comfy night's sleep is on the way!

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