Not all Mattresses are Created Equal
October 28, 2021

Not all Mattresses are Created Equal

Take a quick look through the internet, and you can find mattresses of various sizes, and prices. The online options run the gamut from cheap spring mattresses priced for less than $100 on Shopee to premium latex beds that retails for even ten of thousands of dollars for popular brands.

Like the majority of the people out there, you might have a hard time choosing the best option to tailor to your sleeping needs. After all, premium mattresses are big-ticket items and every individual would want to make the best out of their money. At the end of the day, the best mattresses are comfortable and supportive. The inner build: firmness, thickness, foam and spring quality, and materials all combine to provide the optimal level of comfort and support

Without further ado, this guide will provide all the mattresses type you can find in-store or online and hopefully, it will assist you to find the best bed for you.

What Makes a Mattress Cover

A mattress is built like a car. The cover is akin to the exterior of the vehicle and different mattresses utilise different fabrics to contain the inner materials. A cheap mattress uses normal cotton fabric and over time, it may dampen and deteriorate with a smell and yellow stains. Higher-end covers are usually soft to touch and the overall tactile experience is superior compared to their mid-range counterparts. Cool Touch Mattress features a cool touch fabric that is two times cooler than normal cotton. Ideal for hot and humid weather in Singapore, it cools the user naturally, reducing the need to turn on the AC.

Think of the inner material of a mattress as the inner compartments of a car. Some come with luxurious leather for seating comfort. Some come with advanced ventilation commonly seen in premium-grade vehicles. This goes the same for beds. Some mattresses may contain high-density foam layers for better support and better ones come with memory foam to adapt to your unique body shape. What goes inside a mattress is crucial and transparency is key between buyers and sellers. It is absolutely uncommon for one to cut up a mattress to see what is within. Always make sure the mattress seller is trusted and reputable. Every Makedon mattresses undergo strict quality checks to ensure consistency and credibility.



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