Syed Azmir tries out Durham Chesterfield Sofa
May 05, 2022

Syed Azmir tries out Durham Chesterfield Sofa

Classic Interior Styles for 2022: Introducing Vintage Furniture. Durham Chesterfield Sofa | Terra TV Console | Terra Coffee Table


Durham Chesterfield Sofa

The most extraordinary interiors are those that cannot be pinned to a specific era or decade but integrate elements from the history of home design. Every room should have something that draws your eye as you enter the space. That’s where Choice Furniture’s vintage and minimalist furniture collection comes in.

Why Vintage?
When you pair old and newer pieces, they should complement each other’s differences and build a home that’s truly original. On top of this, investing in classic vintage pieces protects you from trend whiplash. There’s nothing worse than committing copious amounts of time and money on a room, only to realise later on that it looks tacky and dated. A timeless piece of furniture never goes out of style as long as you select pieces with beautiful lines, classic shapes, and solid construction. Marrying vintage with modern can produce a living space that looks as though it has evolved over the years.

In actor and singer Syed Azmir’s home, the living room is his centerpiece with the vintage furniture playing second fiddle to exude the desired look.

House Tour with Syed Azmir

There’s always something special about a room that stimulates nostalgia. Azmir’s house gives off an elegant vibe that is rather nuanced. As he gives a tour of his living room, he highlights his satisfaction with the Durham Chesterfield Sofa. Even in the most laid-back living space, Chesterfield sofas add an air of stateliness and sophistication. They are characterised by their button-tufted upholstery which portrays a well-endowed look that is comfortable to settle in.

4 Features of the Durham Chesterfield Sofa

Durham Chesterfield Sofa in customer's home

Sleek, Curved Armrest
Nailhead trim armrests that add a luxurious vintage vibe.

Deep Button Tufted
Exudes an aura of class and taste with its buttoned leather upholstery.

Espresso-Stained Legs
Classic Victorian design that shows a true manifestation of class and sophisticated living.

Slipcovered Cushions
Cushions and complimentary accent pillows are slipcovered for versatility and available in a range of fabrics (linen, velvet and leather) and colours.

“I spend 9 to 10 hours a day, sitting here and doing my work. I love the sofa’s touch of class and the leather button upholstery that adds a vintage look to it. Since then, it has become my ideal go-to for productivity”

Syed was initially worried that the sofa wouldn’t fit well into his living room. To ensure a cohesive look, he decided to go with a blend of vintage and minimalistic interior design. With that in mind, he picked the Terra TV Console and Terra Coffee Table as companion pieces. The Terra TV Console The entertainment unit is a key part of the living room. Regardless of the type of program, you’re likely to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the screen. TV consoles double up as beautiful statement pieces that bring form and function to your living room. Thoughtful details keep unsightly cables tucked away neatly, with ample room to spare for your gaming consoles and media equipment. That is why it is really important for it to fit nicely in your living room without being too obtrusive.

3 Features Of The Terra TV Console

Minimalistic Design
Inspired by industrial workbenches, the Terra TV console is a perfect combination of a black top made from lava stone, warm walnut wood panels, and a strong metal frame, with a substantial amount of storage that is good to hide away any living room clutter.

Storage Space
Equipped with drawers and swing doors, Terra has a large storage capacity that is a great solution for smaller apartments. Terra TV console is compact in both its length and depth, allowing for unexpected small spaces to be maximised.

User Friendly
Additional point goes to the top small drawer that makes the Terra TV console user-friendly, as it is a perfect spot for remote controls and cables. Unlike your typical industrial loft workbenches, the lava stone top on the Terra TV console elevates the rustic aesthetic to a whole new level!

“I love the TV console’s style because it matches the sofa. The best part is the storage. It helps to keep the place tidy. It is wide enough to fit my TV, the cables, my TV, the PS4, my air purifier, and also my night lamp!”

Terra Coffee Table Coffee tables and side tables serve a dual purpose in any living space. While offering an aesthetic centerpiece to your seating area, they serve a practical purpose. Coffee tables are used to host drinks and house books and magazines, vases and ornaments, and other household devices. The right coffee table can bring your room together. It synergizes style, practicality, and storage. Whether it’s mid-century chic or contemporary appeal, your choice of coffee table sets the tone for the whole room. The Terra Coffee Table, made of solid walnut wood and lava stone decoration, exudes a rustic charm and is a real prize for your living room.

Final Thoughts

Durham Chesterfield Sofa in customer's home

If you’re looking for a timeless colonial era in your residential space, the Durham Chesterfield Sofa may just be what you need. Pair those smartly with complementary pieces that accentuate your interior design. At Choice Furniture, we strive to deliver quality and chic designs without leaving a heavy dent in your wallet. Whether you are furnishing your first nest or replacing an old sofa, you no longer need to compromise on cost, quality, or style. What are you waiting for? Select your ideal furniture with Choice Furniture today!

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