Syed Azmir sitting on a Durham Chesterfield Sofa in his home
May 05, 2022

Syed Azmir Tries Out Durham Chesterfield Sofa

Classic Interior Styles for 2022: Introducing Vintage Furniture. Durham Chesterfield Sofa | Terra TV Console | Terra Coffee Table


Durham Chesterfield Sofa

Syed Azmir's admiration for the Durham Chesterfield Sofa epitomises remarkable interiors that transcend the boundaries of a specific era or decade, seamlessly incorporating elements from the rich tapestry of home design history. Upon entering any room, there should be a captivating focal point that captures your gaze. This is where the vintage and elegant Durham Chesterfield Sofa from Choice Furniture truly shines.



Why Opt For Vintage?


When you skillfully combine vintage and contemporary pieces, they should harmoniously complement each other, culminating in a truly distinctive home. Furthermore, investing in classic vintage furniture safeguards you from the capricious nature of trends. There is nothing more disheartening than dedicating copious amounts of time and resources to a room, only to realise later that it exudes a tacky and outdated appearance. Timeless furniture pieces, boasting beautiful lines, classic shapes, and sturdy craftsmanship, never go out of style. Merging vintage elements with modern sensibilities can create a living space that appears to have organically evolved over the years.

Within the abode of actor and singer Syed Azmir, the living room takes centre stage, with the vintage furniture playing a supporting role in crafting the desired ambience.



Embarking on a House Tour with Syed Azmir





There's an undeniable allure to a room that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Syed Azmir's home emanates an elegant vibe that exudes subtle sophistication. As he takes us on a tour of his living room, he takes particular delight in showcasing the Durham Chesterfield Sofa. Even in the most relaxed living spaces, Chesterfield sofas imbue an air of regality and refinement. Characterised by their button-tufted upholstery, these sofas exude a lavishly comfortable appearance.



Unveiling the 4 Distinct Features of the Durham Chesterfield Sofa



Durham Chesterfield Sofa in customer's home

Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the four distinct features that make the Durham Chesterfield Sofa a true masterpiece of design. Here are the four distinct features of the Durham Sofa:



Sleek, Curved Armrest

From its sleek, curved armrests adorned to the gold button detailing exudes an aura of class and taste, every aspect of this sofa speaks of timeless elegance.


Deep Button Tufted

The deep button tufting exudes an aura of elegance and discerning taste, the buttoned leather upholstery defines this sofa's classic appeal.


Espresso-Stained Legs

The classic Victorian design of the espresso-stained legs adds a touch of sophistication and refinement.


Slipcovered Cushions

The slip-covered cushions provide versatility and comfort in a range of fabrics and colours. With each feature carefully crafted to perfection, the Durham Chesterfield Sofa stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and impeccable style.




“I spend 9 to 10 hours a day, sitting here and doing my work. I love the sofa’s touch of class and the leather button upholstery that adds a vintage look to it. Since then, it has become my ideal go-to for productivity” - Syed Azmir



Initially, Syed harboured concerns regarding how well the sofa would blend into his living room. To ensure a cohesive aesthetic, he opted for a fusion of vintage and minimalist interior design. With this in mind, he selected the Terra TV Sideboard and Coffee Table. The Terra TV Console is a pivotal component of the living room. Regardless of the programming displayed on the screen, one is likely to spend a significant amount of time seated in front of it. TV consoles not only serve as functional elements but also make striking statement pieces that seamlessly merge form and function. Meticulous attention to detail ensures that unsightly cables are neatly concealed, leaving ample room to accommodate gaming consoles and media equipment. Thus, it is imperative for the console to seamlessly integrate into the living room without appearing obtrusive.



Unveiling the 3 Key Features of the Terra TV Sideboard and Coffee Table





Minimalistic Design

The minimalist design draws inspiration from industrial workbenches, and the Terra TV Sideboard and Coffee Table console impeccably combine a sleek black lava stone top, warm walnut wood panels, and a sturdy metal frame. Moreover, it offers generous storage capacity, efficiently concealing any living room clutter.


Storage Space

With ample storage space equipped with drawers and swing doors, the Terra TV console provides an abundance of storage, making it an ideal solution for smaller apartments. Its compact dimensions maximise unexpected nooks and crannies.


User Friendly

The user-friendly feature is reflected in the top small drawer. Serving as the perfect spot to store remote controls and cables. Departing from the conventional industrial loft workbenches, the lava stone top on the Terra TV console elevates the rustic aesthetic to new heights.



“I love the TV console’s style because it matches the sofa. The best part is the storage. It helps to keep the place tidy. It is wide enough to fit my TV, the cables, my TV, the PS4, my air purifier, and also my night lamp!” - Syed Azmir



Coffee tables and side tables serve a dual purpose in any living space. Beyond their aesthetic allure, they provide a practical platform for hosting drinks and showcasing books, magazines, vases, ornaments, and various household devices. The right coffee table can effortlessly unify a room, seamlessly merging style, functionality, and storage. Whether exuding a mid-century chic or contemporary appeal, your choice of coffee table sets the tone for the entire space. The Terra Coffee Table, crafted from solid walnut wood and adorned with lava stone accents, emanates rustic charm, elevating your living room to new heights.



Final Reflections



Durham Chesterfield Sofa in customer's home

If you yearn for a timeless classic ambience within your residential sanctuary, the Durham Chesterfield Sofa might just be the perfect addition. Skillfully harmonise these captivating pieces with complementary elements that accentuate your interior design vision. We also carry another take on the timeless Chesterfield Sofa, TV Sideboards, and Coffee Tables to complete your interior décor. 

At Choice Furniture, we strive to deliver quality and chic designs without imposing a burdensome strain on your finances. Whether you're furnishing your first nest or replacing an ageing sofa, you no longer need to compromise on cost, quality, or style. So why delay? Contact us and embark on your furniture selection journey with Choice Furniture today!

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