Dara Dining Set

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Upgrade your dining experience with our exquisite extendable Dara Dining Table today! 

Crafted to perection, this table seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, making it a must-have addition to your home.

Hosting a dinner party? No problem. With this innovative extendable table, it can easily accomodate both intimate gatherings and larger festivities. Effortlessly transtion from an everyday setup to an expensive feast-ready surface.







1.4m Dara Dining Table is able to pull out and extendable to 2m.

1.6m Dara Dining Table is able to pull out and extendable to 2.4m.


Available in:

  • Full Set (1.4m Dara Dining Table + 4 Dannie Dining Chair)
  • 1.4m Dara Dining Table
  • 1.6m Dara Dining Table
  • Dannie Dining Chair


1.4m Dara Dining Table

Dimension: L140 x W90 x H75 cm

Extended: L200 x W90 x H75 cm


1.6m Dara Dining Table

Dimension: L160 x W90 x H75 cm

Extended: L240cm x W90 x H75 cm


Dannie Dining Chair

Dimension: W51 x D61 x H85 cm


Material: Gloss Sintered Stone 

Assembly: Included

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