Ti Storage Bed

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Ti Storage Bed: Experience Grandeur and Luxury in Your Bedroom

Experience the epitome of grandeur and luxury with Ti Storage Bed. The exquisite bed is designed to captivate those with a taste for opulence and a desire to indulge in the finer things in life. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian and Art Deco periods, Ti Bed incorporates distinctive stylistic elements, boasting a mighty frame and diamond-studded upholstery. Its clean lines and compact, fresh yet understated design exude elegance, while the careful merging of duotones adds a regal touch. Transport your bedroom to the grand times of yesteryear, even in our modern era, with Ti Bed.

Exceptional Storage Solutions

Ti Storage Bed not only elevates the aesthetics of your bedroom but also offers practical storage solutions. Choose from four different sizes, including king, queen, super-single, and single, to suit your specific needs. Customize your storage compartments with options such as full storage, panel, storage & drawer, or four side drawers. Whether you need ample storage space for extra bedding, clothes, or personal belongings, Ti Bed has got you covered. With its smooth hydraulic mechanism, the bed ensures easy opening and closing of the storage compartments, providing convenience at your fingertips.

Luxurious Customization Options

At Choice Furniture, we believe in offering you the freedom to create a bespoke sleeping sanctuary. That's why our bed is available in a range of fabrics, including linen, velvet, and leather, allowing you to choose the material that best complements your style and preferences. Select from an array of captivating colours to add a touch of personality to your bedroom. Additionally, you can enhance the elegance of your Ti Bed further by opting for add-ons such as buttons or jewels, adding a dash of glamour to this already extraordinary piece of furniture.

To complete your Ti Bed experience, we offer a wide selection of high-quality mattresses that are expertly crafted to provide optimal comfort and support for a restful night's sleep. Choose from our carefully curated collection, including the Aloe mattress (available in king and queen sizes), Westin mattress (available in king and queen sizes), 3D mattress (available in king and queen sizes), Berlin mattress (available in king and queen sizes), Raintree mattress (available in king and queen sizes), and Cool touch mattress (available in king and queen sizes). With Ti Bed and our luxurious mattresses, you can create a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation in your own home.

Feature Highlights

  • Distinctive stylistic elements inspired by the Victorian and Art Deco periods.
  • Four sizes are available: king, queen, super-single, and single.
    Versatile storage compartments: full storage, panel, storage & drawer, and four side drawers.
  • Customization options with a range of fabrics (linen, velvet, and leather) and colours.
  • Optional add-ons like buttons and jewels for added glamour.


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Ti Bed comes in the following type:

  • King storage bed
  • Queen storage bed
  • Super single storage bed
  • Single storage bed

Other details:

  • Fully upholstered in luxurious fabrics.
  • Available in a range of fabrics (linen, velvet and leather) and colours.
    To learn more about colours & upholstery, click here
  • Preorder: 6 - 8 weeks lead time



  • 206 cm in length, 178 cm in width, and 150 cm in height
  • 206 cm in length, 208 cm in width, and 150 cm in height



Ti Bed

Wide Variety of Colours & Upholstery

Pick from a spectrum of colours alongside 4 different textiles to create your dream custom made storage bed. Learn more on the colours and upholstery, click here.

Smooth Hydraulic Mechanism

Every storage bed comes with a smooth hydraulic mechanism for easy opening and closing.


Choose to encrust jewels for that extra bling or opt for a simple buttoned headboard.

Storage Solutions

Choose from 4 different inner compartments for your storage bed.

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