Graham Chesterfield Sofa with Cora Coffee table in an all white room
May 09, 2022

The world of interior design styles is ever-evolving, reflecting our desire to create spaces that truly resonate with our individuality. As we continue to spend more time at home, our living quarters have become the focal point of our lives, influencing our work, rest, and social activities. To express ourselves authentically through interior design, we seek inspiration from vlogs and Pinterest boards, aiming to curate spaces that are both functional and reflective of our unique identities.


Amidst the home remodelling craze, certain interior design styles have gained significant popularity among homeowners. Let's delve into the five most sought-after interior design styles and trends of 2022, each showcasing distinctive characteristics and capturing the essence of personal style.


1) Warm Minimalism


The concept of "less is more" reigns supreme in warm minimalism, a style that embodies serene simplicity and understated beauty. Open floor plans, abundant natural light, and functional furniture take centre stage in this design approach. Clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and monochromatic colour schemes define its aesthetic. For example, the womb chair and the streamlined Anson Sofa. Perfect to be the focal point of your minimalist interior design.


In warm minimalism, only essential elements are utilised, such as light, form, and beautiful materials. Spaces are designed with an open layout to create a sense of freedom and relaxation, devoid of excessive ornamentation. Decorative pieces blend seamlessly into the surroundings, be it a captivating artwork adorning a living room wall or an elegant vase gracing a dining table.




2) Maximalism


If you're a fan of vibrant, joyful spaces, maximalism is the perfect style for you. This exuberant design approach thrives on embracing a myriad of colours, materials, textures, and modernity. Maximalism breaks free from conventional structures, exuding an aura of unapologetic individuality.


In maximalism, you relinquish control and revel in the delightful unpredictability of the design process. An intensive colour palette dominates this style, featuring shades like emerald, navy blue, violet, and fuchsia. To balance the visual impact, light-coloured furniture and accessories can be incorporated. 


Bold patterns, including florals, abstract designs, and animal prints, adorn wallpapers, lacquered furniture, and an array of accessories. The perfect example of maximalism aesthetic is reflected in the exuberant Audi Dining Table, Sophie Lounge Bench, Abramo Armchair, and the Elizabeth Bed. Unique statement pieces collected over time add character and personality to maximalist interiors.



3) Postmodern


Postmodern interior design celebrates eclecticism and unconventional ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional design norms. Materials like terrazzo, brass, coloured glass, plastics, and velvet play a pivotal role in achieving this distinctive style.

A vibrant colour palette as seen in the Mango Dining Chair takes centre stage in the postmodern design, incorporating primary colours alongside retro hues such as mustard, avocado green, burnt orange, metallic tones, and turquoise. Those colour aesthetics are found in the Primo Chair. Blending three primary colours of Black, white and mustard creates a striking feature. Another great representation is the Booth Bench. Blending a subdued grey colour and the striking gold hue exudes eclectic charm. Furniture choices are fun, cool, and striking, seamlessly blending form and function. Chunky profiles, low coffee tables with short legs, rounded seating, and tubular or spherical shapes define the furniture selection for this style.





4) Japandi


Japandi design, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, centres around simplicity, nature, and comfort. Neutral walls set the stage for a soothing Japandi interior, featuring colours like beige, sand, cream, taupe, and stone. For contrasting effects, soft Scandinavian shades of pale pink, blue, or grey can be explored.


Japandi style values comfort and functionality, ensuring a harmonious blend of both. Japanese culture emphasises the use of high-quality materials for durability and sustainability. Furniture pieces such as the Defan Chair, Sharman Study Desk, and Chava Coffee Table embody these principles. Sustainable decisions play a vital role in Japandi design, favouring wood, bamboo, and recycled materials over plastic structures.




5) Art Deco


Art Deco style, reminiscent of the iconic "Great Gatsby" era and the geometric patterns found in New York's Empire State Building, exudes opulence and boldness. Symmetry, linear geometric patterns, and luxurious materials define this glamorous style.


Art Deco motifs include zigzag patterns, tufted furniture, and jagged, pointed edges inspired by skyscrapers. The use of gold, steel, mirror, chrome, glass, lacquer, and upscale upholstery fabrics such as shark, velvet, and zebra skin epitomises the Art Deco aesthetic. Furnishings are streamlined and large in scale, without intricate detailing. Examples of Art Deco furniture pieces include the Graham Chesterfield Sofa, Sofia Bench, Pietro Chair, and Bristol Coffee Table.






In conclusion, interior design styles offer an exciting array of choices to homeowners in 2022. Whether you gravitate towards the serene elegance of warm minimalism, the vibrant energy of maximalism, the eclectic playfulness of postmodernism, the harmonious blend of Japandi, or the timeless opulence of Art Deco, there's a style that will resonate with your unique sensibilities. To explore these captivating design styles and curate a personalised interior plan, visit Choice Furniture and connect with our knowledgeable staff. Let us guide you towards creating a home that is not only on-trend but also stands the test of time.


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