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Storage beds that are of high quality from Choice Furniture help to maximize your bedroom space. Crafted with superior craftsmanship, our Storage Beds offer durability and a timeless look that complements minimalist aesthetics. Enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, our storage beds are also customizable, providing both style and comfort for your bedroom.

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What Makes Our Storage Beds Different?

World-class standard bed to store all your belongings safely

Customizable Size

Our Storage beds can be tailored to your specific needs. Ranging from single to king-sized beds, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any room.

Fully Customisable

You can choose from our wide range of colours, textiles, headboards, and storage dividers. Discover limitless possibilities with Choice Furniture's storage beds.

Customizable Jewels/Buttons

Add sleek and elegant buttons or go with luxurious jewel detailing. Fun customisation detailing in creating your unique version of the storage bed.

Smooth Hydraulic Pump for Easy Opening & Closing

Our storage beds feature two air-pressured hydraulic pumps for smooth and easy lifting and closing. The pump securely holds the bed open for safe storage and unloading, even with a mattress on top.

Organize with Ease

Our storage beds are designed with under-bed drawers and cabinets, providing ample space to neatly stow away bedding, luggage, and other items.  Eliminate the need for extra bedroom storage furniture, making our beds convenient and practical.

Complimentary Delivery & Assembly

Our skilled delivery professionals are trained to assemble fast and neatly. You will also receive a complimentary delivery with every storage bed purchase!

Smart Storage Solutions

4 Storage Configurations to Fully Maximise Your Space

Full Storage

The full storage option does not have any dividers or sectioning. It gives extra freedom for you to store any wide and long items that fit into the space.

4 Drawers

In the larger bed option, you will have your storage divided into 4 large drawers. All opened to the sides. The drawers are fully closed at the top to store any items safely far out of sight and reach.


In the larger bed option, you can also insert a simple divider right down the middle. It comes in handy when you want a little more separation and organization.

Half Storage Half Drawers

In the larger bed option, you can insert a combination of separation types. The open storage right below the headboard separated right down the middle. With two spacious drawers open to the front of the bed to store any items far out of sight and reach.

Non-storage option available*

Wide Array of Colours

You can choose any colour from our colour palette options. Choose the one that fits your taste and the ambience of your bedroom.

Luxurious Upholstery Choices

We carry one of the largest catalogues of material choices for beds. Whether is it fabric, suede or velvet, we got you covered. All of the top-quality materials guarantee your comfort and satisfaction.

Customisation Process




You can choose the size from our wide selection that caters to various bedroom sizes. It is ranging from single to king-size beds. So there is always one for every need.



Chose one of many different headboard designs to fit your room and taste better. Not only offering functionality and convenience. Our storage beds also cater to your design taste.


Storage Compartments

There are four different storage compartments available. They all differ in separation types and the use of slide-closed drawers.


Colours & Finishings

Fabrics range from simple fabric, leather, matte velvet and glossy velvet. With the addition of a wide range of colours to choose from.



You can further reflect your style with the simple and classy button or the more luxurious jewel option. There are even different style placements to choose from. With the many different customization options available, there is a high possibility for your custom bed to be one of a kind in Singapore.

Storage Beds

  1. Valentino Storage Bed
    Valentino Storage Bed L215 x W200 x H140 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 2,599.00
    In Stock
  2. Victoria Bed
    Victoria Bed L215 x W200 x H140 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 2,599.00
    In Stock
  3. Caroline Bed
    Caroline Bed L215 X W200 X H140 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 2,599.00
    In Stock
  4. Elizabeth Bed
    Elizabeth Bed L215 x W200 x H140 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 2,599.00
    In Stock
  5. Ki Storage Bed
    Ki Storage Bed L206 x W178 x H150 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 1,350.00
    In Stock
  6. Mi Storage Bed
    Mi Storage Bed L206 x W178 x H150 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 1,350.00
    In Stock
  7. Bi Storage Bed
    Bi Storage Bed L206 x W178 x H150 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 1,350.00
    In Stock
  8. Pi Storage Bed
    Pi Storage Bed L200 x W178 x H150 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 1,350.00
    In Stock
  9. Ni Bed
    Ni Storage Bed L197 x W153 x H170 cm
    Free Delivery
    SGD 1,350.00
    In Stock

Premium Series

Extra Luxurious Storage Bed

Caroline Bed

Victoria Bed

Elizabeth Bed

Valentino Bed

Elegant Frames on the Sides

Opulent details inspired by beloved royals; framed with gold and/or dotted with studs and jewels.

Fully Upholstered

The entire bed is fully covered with the material of your choice, even on the back.

Encrusted Base

No detail goes unnoticed - The base of the bed is encrusted with jewels for a cohesive look. Preference for a subtle look can opt for buttons too.

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Showroom Available

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Unbeatable Value

Superior quality meets surprising affordability

Trusted by Singapore

Guaranteed by Singaporeans. Highly raved by homeowners

Free Shipping & Assembly

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15 Warranty

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Sleep Experts

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Back-to-Back Rave Reviews

Here’s why people love our Storage Beds and Makedon Mattress
Already having so much Better Sleep

The mattress experts walked me through the whole process of finding the perfect mattress while I explained to them about my problems with sleep deprivation due to my backaches. Not only did I find the perfect mattress, but I also found the perfect bed frame that comes with the right amount of storage space.

I'm already having so much better sleep.

- Linda A.
In Love with my Mattress

In love with my storage bed, bed frame and their most popular Makedon mattress.

I personally recommend Choice Furniture if you need to get or customise your own furniture.

Thank you so much!

- Iyda Z.
Highly Recommended

Wide range of bed frames to choose from, Ki bed definitely caught my attention for its elegance!

With the added diamond, it beautifies the whole room!

Highly recommended.

- Asyraf I.
Functional & Aesthetic

We were able to store all our belongings while still maintaining a look that fits the overall home theme.

Wide selection of colours and fabric to choose from!

If you're looking for a custom made storage bed, Choice Furniture is the place to go to.

- Aisha A.

Tried & Tested

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Mattress for you?

Each Makedon Mattress model will provide the comfort that one could dream of. There may be one particular model that fits you better and worry not! We are here to help you make this life-changing decision. Every Makedon Mattress is created with high airflow layers, resilient pocketed springs, and pressure-relieving benefits. All while supporting your neck and hips - ensuring you get the optimum support throughout the night.

That being said, here are some questions you can ask yourself to make an educated decision on which Makedon Mattress is best for you.

First, do you like a firm mattress or do you prefer beds with a softer cushion top? Our 3D and Aloe lies on the firmer side while Berlin, Raintree, and Westin mattresses offer plush support for the body. Cool Touch mattress provides a combination of both. Second, what fabric covers do you prefer? Hot sleepers may prioritise the benefits of Cool Touch's cooling silk covers. Sleepers who itches easily might favour Raintree's unmatched ultra-soft cotton covers.

Remember each person will have different firmness and sleep preferences when it comes to sleep. Always make sure you try the mattress first. If you have a partner, bring him/her along to try it together! Our customers always enjoy bonding over mattress shopping. After all, you will be using the bed in many years to come. You truly can't go wrong regardless of what model you pick in the Makedon Mattress line. They all offer the necessary support and unbeatable comfort!

What makes Makedon different than other mattress brands?

Makedon prides itself as a superior mattress brand. We poured our heart and soul into creating the perfect bed, with no compromise on the quality of any part of the mattress.

Mattresses in a box are increasingly popular nowadays yet it does not offer the same support that Makedon Mattresses offer. Mattresses in a box usually only contain foam layers and they tend to sag and give way after a period of time. This results in gradual degradation in your standing and sitting posture, on top of the mounting aches and pains that come with it. When it comes to mattress shopping, do not compromise on your health. Makedon Mattresses are not rolled as it have supportive pocketed springs and comfortable (memory) foam layers.

Our models are reasonably priced as compared to other higher-end brands. The higher pricing seen in other brands includes marketing and other miscellaneous costs. Makedon focuses on the premium quality of its bed and raved sleep experience through word-of-mouth.

We are confident that our mattresses offer the same level of comfort and support, if not better.

What is the correct pronunciation for Makedon?

Makedon is pronounced as 'mack-ke-don'.

What are the financing options?

We accept 0% interest credit payments with major banks. We are also currently partnering with, Atome and Fave to offer 3 months instalments of purchases up to $7000 in our showroom and online.

What is the warranty for Makedon Mattress?

Makedon Mattresses by Choice Furniture are exclusively warranted for 15 years. We provide one to one exchange to our customers should the mattress comes to be unsatisfactory.

Different mattress brands have different warranty periods and these warranties are provided directly by the respective mattress manufacturers. Warranty cards and/or relevant warranty details can be found packed together with the mattress. Mattress manufacturers' warranties differ between manufacturers, but in general, cover the internal spring unit from defects such as serious sagging which are not due to normal wear and tear, broken springs and collapsed springs. Please read and follow the instructions on the warranty card (wrapped in plastic cover with mattress) carefully for the warranty to be effective. We advise you to fill up and submit your warranty application immediately after purchase for your warranty to be effective.

What else do I need to know about Makedon Mattresses?

We are proud of our white glove delivery service and its 5-star customer satisfaction rating. Your Makedon Mattress order and shopping experience is important to us. When you place your order, our dedicated team will schedule a delivery date to your residence. We will update you promptly on the shipping process and we'll also ask you about any specific requirements and access issues.

Each Makedon Mattress is protected with an extra tough, and waterproof sheet protector. On top of that, the mattress is also wrapped with an airtight film for double protection. The edges are covered with soft foam sheets to protect against knocks. We ensure your mattress is delivered in pristine condition. Upon arrival, we will unwrap and place your Makedon Mattress in the room of your choice.

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