Home Diaries: A Tour Into A Victorian White and Beige Interior
August 21, 2022

Home Diaries: A Tour Into A Victorian White and Beige Interior

Follow us as we tour inside a Victorian beige and white home featuring our bestseller Elizabeth Chairs, Soren Sofa and space-saving Mi Storage Bed. 

The overall motif of Victorian homes is extravagant and ostentatious, with such a passion for ornamentation that custom-made furniture is really good for any Victorian home, including small BTO residences in Singapore. Even if you like to customise your home's decor or prefer the idea of a modern domicile, Victorian homes can still be styled to exhibit your sense of aesthetics.

Victorian house features for your home’s interior design

It’s no surprise that Victorian houses dominate British architecture, given that they have great household interiors in the country. They’re packed to the brim with magnificent original features, ranging from stunning high ceilings to exquisite charm.

  1. Ornamentation
    The interiors of Victorian homes were decked out in expensive, opulent furnishings, while the exteriors of the same homes were embellished with decorative gables, eaves, and rooftop finials.
  2. Colourful exteriors
    Victorian houses and buildings are frequently painted in pastels, jewel tones, and earthy colours. Some have a monochrome colour scheme, while others have a variety of clashing colours. Stained glass windows added colour to Victorian residences' inside and outside.
  3. Complicated structures
    In contrast to the typical examples of architecture from earlier times, Victorian homes and businesses have bay windows, steeply pitched rooflines (also called mansard roofs), and enormous porches that wrap around the home's exterior.

Key Consideration When Renovating Home to Victorian-style

To know your objectives for renovating your Victorian home, you must consider these important considerations. They construct amazing homes suitable for the twenty-first century by including innovative modifications, transforming the outside, and revising the designs.

  1. Bay or Sash Windows
    Originally, simple sash windows were used in Victorian homes. Repairing and waterproofing the original ones might help them live a long and beautiful life. Consider replacing sashes with double glazing; several businesses can insert double-paned units into existing frames.
  2. Keep the old floorboards in place.
    If you want to save your original Victorian boards, even if they are damaged, worn, or otherwise not in good shape, it is best to have professional help with the renovation project before giving up.
  3. Use moulding to emphasise the contrast
    Victorians adored ornate plasterwork moulding, but you can reimagine it now while still making it stand out by painting a vibrant colour near it. This is a creative method to honour and modernise an original feature. Use bold colours. Today’s moody dark hues work brilliantly with Victorian features and are in keeping with the love of dark shades during that period. For a more modern aesthetic, incorporate lighter contrasting colours on the trim, ornamental embellishments, and shutters to make the room exteriors pop. Keeping the palate fresh and lively.
  4. Avoid contemporary cliches
    If you want to update your Victorian home subtly, avoid these solutions and go for more timeless options that will bridge the gap between the decade in which your home was built and now. It keeps the space from looking too "today," and it allows for adding bench seating with views of the garden. Invest in new classics. Nowadays, upgrading a Victorian home is more about making it functional while retaining its charm. Homeowners are less interested in achieving a stark, modern aesthetic in a historic home. So search for fits that pay homage to the era while also being functional.

House tour with Aisha and Nasri

During the house tour, Aisha mentioned that they got the apartment as BTO, so it was not renovated yet. For her, she can finally build her dream home, and she chooses to base the whole concept on a Victorian Luxe theme.

She wanted her home to seem modern and sleek, so she chose a modern style with Victorian design elements incorporated into the furniture and cabinetry. It was filled with bespoke furniture (including the Soren Sofa, Chanel Dining Table, Elizabeth Dining Chair, and Carlino Coffee Table), which can also be used for casaid Victorian style renovation.

Chanel Dining Table & Elizabeth Dining Chairs

“It's my time to finally build my dream home. I've always been fascinated with Victorian interior design. Also, I wanted my home to feel modern and sleek so I went with a modern look with incorporations of Victorian design through the furniture through the cabinetry.” - Aisha

Aisha also noted that her favorite piece is the sofa because it is chesterfield-style, bulky with leather and gold legs that perfectly complement the Victorian Luxe theme. She stated that she simply rolls up and relaxes when they watch TV.

Soren Chesterfield Sofa & Carlino Coffee Table

“Next time when we have kids or our nieces and nephews over, we want to let them know there’s always a great place for them to hang out or a conducive environment to study.” - Nasri

It was important that her home function not only as a place of business but also as a gathering spot for her family to form stronger bonds. Therefore, it was important that the interior be eclectic and welcoming.

Final Thoughts On Bespoke Furniture

Customized furnishings are an investment in your home's timeless elegance. They’re durable, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to any setting.

Choice Furniture can fulfill your furniture ideals by offering an original product that reflects your style and taste. In case you weren't aware, we also offer installment plans through Hoola, Grab, Atome, and FavePay. Shop for bespoke furnishings at reasonable prices, including delivery and set-up, at no further cost. Choose the perfect piece of custom furniture right now from Choice Furniture.

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